Team João Romeiro and Beatriz Loura

In short, we are the construction department of the company Neves & Ferrão, and we focus on building from scratch, be it villas, apartment buildings, office buildings or other types of buildings.

We are based in Lisbon and along the years we have managed to gain unique local experience in dealing with construction workers and subcontractors alike, planning and executing from the beginning to the end of the construction, with tight schedules, controlled budgets, high quality standards and under the vast legal Portuguese framework. If you are looking for a general contractor that is legally able to build and will smoothly deliver according to your expectations, then you have just found one.

Families, companies and state entities rely on us to make their buildings materialize because we have slowly and steadily grown a solid network of specialists that dedicate their lives to their own construction branch. This enables us to seamlessly bring all of those specialists together, manage them and ultimately make them work for you, in an effortless way. We have been doing so since 2012 and will be glad to show you not only what we have built so far but also what we are building right now.

The full name of the department is Civil Construction Works Management Department and it is headed by João Romeiro, who was born in Lisbon, in the year 1980. He is a qualified civil engineer. He graduated from Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa,  He specialized in project stability, but his professional career led him to work in management.

First he was a deputy site manager at José Coutinho and later he worked as the site manager at companies such as Obrecol, José Fidalgo, Obras QB and FCM, between 2006 and 2018. He accepted the challenge of moving to Neves & Ferrão and became the construction department manager.

João is a Portuguese food lover and likes to travel. His hobbies include physical activities, especially running.

The assumed near goal is to boost the department's invoicing to which it will need to add human resources to it. Broadening the range of public customers and growing in the Greater Lisbon region will be the means to achieve the set goal.

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